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Mindy Lin

Founder & CEO, Damsel in Defense

Because of our mission and amazing self-defense products, we are able to have a global impact to help others.

If you have a passion for protecting others, I encourage you to join our team.

This is a unique opportunity to teach women and children something invaluable. And offering non-lethal, self-defense tools that could save their life.

And, yes, absolutely, all while earning an income to help support your family. You can earn commissions, bonuses + free products.

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Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products
Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products
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Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products
Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products
Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products

What Is Digital Defense?

Digital Defense is identity theft protection, computer protection & tech support, and social media monitoring all in one place.

Identity Theft Protection
Damsel in Defense offers the most complete identity theft protection plan available today. iDefend, powered by INVISUS, gives you all the essentials of protection you need to defend yourself and your family against the latest threats from identity thieves and cyber-criminals. No other service gives you this level of protection. Period.

Computer Protection & Tech Support
The INVISUS Tech Support hotline is available anytime you need help. This service is conducted personally by a U.S. based INVISUS iCare certified technician via phone and remote Internet connection to your PC. This service also provides expert security guidance, suggestions and tools to lock down your smart phones and tablets. (iOS/Android)

Social Media Monitoring
With sites like Facebook and Instagram, we can expose too much information or the wrong information if we aren’t careful. Social media sites have also become the playground for predators and thieves. Parents must now be vigilant with their kid’s online activities to protect against cyber-bullying and other threats, and to monitor for references of drugs/alcohol, violence, as well as predators looking for their next victim. Damsel in Defense has partnered with INVISUS to bring you the MySocialGuardian program to help you monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for dangerous or suspicious activity that can put you and your family at risk.

Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products

What Is A Stun Gun?

A stun device is a non-lethal, pain compliance tool that can be used as an effective self-defense tool when it makes direct contact with an attacker. These devices work by creating electrical pulses that send the nerves cells that control the muscles into chaos, causing pain.

Stun devices are designed to be used as a deterrent against attack, to reduce the effects of a violent crime should an attack happen, or to temporarily immobilize an attacker enabling a victim to flee to safety.

There are many voltage claims on similar devices on the market today. However, to accurately measure the electrical current of a stun device, the current must be measured in amperes. Damsel in Defense stun devices measure at 18mA, allowing them to deliver electrical shock to an individual without classifying them in the range of potentially lethal devices.

Stun Devices are subject to possible area restrictions.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products

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Our Affiliate Program is perfect for anyone who is safety minded, passionate about protecting others, but doesn’t have the time to commit to being a full-time Damsel Pro.

  • You can receive 10% discounts for family + friends.
  • You can earn 10%-15% commission.
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Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense Affiliate Program

What Is SAFE Hearts?

SAFE Hearts stands for Sharing Awareness for Family Empowerment.

This family education line is designed to help adults and children navigate the most important, yet difficult conversations; to empower children to take ownership over their own hearts and bodies, raise their awareness, and give them the ability to protect themselves against anyone who may try to harm them.

This educational line focuses on prevention just as much as it does on healing and restoration.

Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products

What Is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is an extremely effective, non-lethal self-defense tool that can cause extreme pain, temporary blindness, choking, coughing, and nausea to an attacker.

Damsel in Defense pepper spray is one of the hottest on the market. The 18% OC (oleoresin capsicum) and the 2 million Scoville Heat Units in the pepper spray is what makes it so effective and painful. Pepper spray allows you to keep distance between you and an attacker, shooting up to 16ft. All Damsel in Defense pepper sprays contain UV dye for identifying an attacker under black light.

Pepper Sprays are subject to possible area restrictions.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products

What Is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that uses an electromagnetic field to automatically identify electronically stored information.

The use of RFID is widespread, and we’ve all used it or benefited from it in some capacity. However, RFID can also be used for the wrong reasons, like theft of credit or debit card funds and personal information. RFID blocking wallets protect your personal information from this kind of electronic theft.

Aluminum added to the wallet design interferes with the electromagnetic fields that are used to identify and gather information.

Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense

See What Others Are Saying:

I wasn’t sure what tool to buy. And, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to use any of the Damsel items. Sherri helped me narrow down what would work best for me. Showed me how to use it, as well as, explained the best places for me to carry it on me so I could reach it quickly. I was happy with that purchase and have since purchased other items too.

Brenda F, Office Manager

See What Others Are Saying:

I bought two of the Striking Tools. I was going to buy just one, but after talking with Sherri on staging my self-defense items and being prepared at all times; I realized it would be smarter to buy two. I now keep one on my key-chain, which I had planned on doing anyway. But, I also keep one attached to the driver-side car rest of my car so that I can be prepared while I’m busy with groceries and grandkids. I love her ideas for being prepared!

Vickie C., Ohio

See What Others Are Saying:

Even though Sherri’s in Ohio, she’s still concerned about everyone in other states. Her sincerity is genuine. I’m in Florida and not only bought a stun gun for myself, but also 3 step-offs for each of the doors in my home. For Christmas, I bought my grandkids the Junk in the Trunks because they’re driving now. I also bought a Conceal Carry purse for my daughter-in-law and a RFID wallet for my son.

Margie S., Florida Realtor®

See What Others Are Saying:

I live in Kansas and am recently widowed. I came across Sherri on social media. I called her about possibly buying something for myself now that I’m alone. She is such a warm and caring person that I immediately felt at ease with her. She spent time with me talking about my needs and helped me purchase several items. She’s the real deal and I love the Damsel items I purchased.

Liz, Kansas City

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What Is Damsel House Project?

The Damsel House Project began in 2015 with the goal of providing hope to the hopeless and a voice to the oppressed.

Damsel in Defense has adopted homes in both Cambodia and India, where girls rescued from sex trafficking are housed and given a plan full of hope, free from selling their bodies.

Our long-term goal is to have a home in every country that our partner organization, Destiny Rescue is rescuing in.

Since the first Damsel House opened its doors, we have remained fully committed to financially supporting them, and to exploring additional avenues of growth with Destiny Rescue.

Additionally, we have made regular visits there in order to continue to share their successes with our customers and our amazing Damsel Pros. With the sustained support of our loyal customers and Damsel Pros, we know that our long-term goal will be attainable.

Live Safe Ohio with Damsel in Defense products

Damsel in Defense is about her and her story.

We’re about changing the narrative around safety and the way we think about our safety.

We’re about changing statistics. We’re about protection, prevention, and healing.

We’re about embracing your inner warrior. Because we are all her. Be a part of creating #herstory for you and her.

Your local efforts to equip, empower and educate your community allows her a chance to recreate her story.

SIGN-UP for only $20.

The Damsel House Project is a long-term initiative to free children from the pain and trauma of sex trafficking in countries around the world.

We are committed to fighting this injustice by providing safe spaces for victims and survivors to heal, learn, grow, and return to their communities as whole individuals with a newfound hope.

Join us to help:

  • #EndSexTrafficking
  • #EndHumanTrafficking
  • #EndSexualAssault
  • #EndDomesticViolence
  • #HealTheAbused